F&H Food Equipment

The CompanyOur History

Wilbur Feagan - Founder

Our Beginnings

It began in 1959, when Wilbur Feagan and Paul Higley pooled their resources and founded F&H Food Equipment Company in Springfield, Missouri. Catering primarily to the small, independent dairies and cheese plants that dotted the Ozarks landscape, they traveled around in panel trucks with parts and supplies on hand, orders to be delivered, and relationships to build.

With the passage of time, the landscape of our business has changed – gone are the days of the small, independent dairies and cheese plants, replaced by or integrated into larger processors with the ability to capitalize on new technologies and economies of scale. F&H has successfully adapted to the changes in our business, but one thing remains the same – the importance we place on our relationship with you, our business partner.

As We Grow

For many years, our calling card has been “ We Care.” Our ability to help when needed has bolstered our growth and allowed us to partner with many successful companies. Our successful partnerships require us to increase the products and services that add value to our business partners and grow our presence in North America. In the early 1980's, we opened our second facility in Springdale, Arkansas. Several years later, our third facility was opened in St. Louis, Missouri, followed by an additional location in St. Joseph, Missouri. Most recently we have added a facility in Tulare, California.

In 1998, Special Products, a national supplier of sanitary food processing equipment and supplies, was acquired by F&H Food Equipment Company and fully integrated in 2005. The acquisition of Special Products allowed us to further expand our product offerings, and our recent expansion into California will enhance our service to customers on the West Coast.

Our message is simple and consistent – whether you are a small entrepreneur or a large corporation, we are available to help. Operating in North America and representing more than 50 manufacturers and the best products in our industry, we have solutions that will meet your needs.